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      Portable gas pressure generator


      Applicable to:

      In order to build a constant pressure gas source for the on-site verification and calibration of large-scale and wide-ranging pressure gauge, quickly provide constant pressure (high-pressure) gas source, and quickly output (0-25) MPa gas pressure by electric.

      It is applicable to pressure gauge manufacturers, metrology (institutes), third-party testing institutions, factories, mines, enterprises and institutions. It is also an innovation of the new mode of pressure calibration.

      Product overview:

      The gas pressure generator takes the medium pressure gas station as the pressure source to obtain the high-pressure gas pressure, and the volumetric tank as the automatic pressure generation and storage to maintain a constant pressure source. For the frequent batch verification of pressure gauges, the system saves time and labor compared with the direct manual electric pressure, greatly improves the pressure verification efficiency, and is a good assistant for the pressure verification engineer.

      Functional features

      The working medium is air

      Built in electric air pressure pump, without pressurization of external air source, automatically generates (0-25) MPa gas pressure

      Gas pressure generated by compressed air of high-pressure air source

      No overpressure, no dirt, no blocking, no filtration

      There is no need to filter. After each calibration, the slag in the pipeline can be discharged automatically

      The automatic gas storage pressure rise speed is 3Mpa / min, and it can automatically rise to (0-25) MPa within 3 minutes

      It can be used together with the connecting table of pressure gauge and gas pressure reducer, and can be connected with other pressure calibration tables

      The air source is one-way output to prevent reverse entry into other media and ensure that the workbench is always in the state of gas media

      Specification and size: 430mm long x130mm wide x300mm (high)

      Power AC220V, 50Hz, 750W

      Weight (about): 4kg

      Model selection: ZHK-2206B

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